As human being it is very natural to complain lament and even suggest… in short it is the cheapest.

As a job seeker, do you even know your Role?
Like do you know the full job description?

According to Nairametrics Graduates and post graduates combined made up about 2.9 million of the total Nigerians that are unemployed. And the unemployment rate in Nigeria is alarming.

So as a job seeker in Nigeria today, what does it take to be in that role?

First we will need to accept that being a job seeker is now a job tittle and we need to act well to change the role to something better if we are not comfortable with that.

Yes some people are very comfortable with the job tittle as it gives them some leverage on some basic things. Just think of it like the kind of leverage you get as a student worldwide.

Now back to our topic what is your role as a job seeker?

Well, in as much as it looks so difficult and intimidating to be in that role, I cant tell you anything less. But there is a something I need you to focus your attention on.

Our current template is like this…

  1. Look out for opportunities
  2. Fill in application
  3. Get invite for interview
  4. Ace the interview
  5. Get the call to resume the new role

Taking another look at the above template, we will already see through it stopped working in the 90s…

Now we have to be more strategic about our actions if we want a better result.

Getting a job now is not rocket Science.

Below is the model that we have always been advising and helping the NLJ Exclusive members achieve. This model has proven to be over 60% effective.
The name of the model is called DPCS.

In life generally we need to decide on everything we have to do. As a job seeker it is not different. We must decide. But our decision has to be specific. Dont just be out there looking for any kind of job. Know the job you are out to get. To get this clearly, you will need to list all your qualifications and skills you have. Don’t forget even the unofficial ones… I mean the community yoh help in their drainage problem or the shop you helped mummy to maintain for several years.

These will help you determine your potential job role.

Next is the Preparation stage…
This is the section where you need to set up yourself for success.
You will need to be prepared both online and offline.
Online, you have to look at your internet and social media presence.
Do a simple Google search of your desired name and see if you are impressed with the outcome.

For you to get to this stage, first you have to understand what is important to note in your industry (industry lingo).

This are the keywords you need to focus on online and on your cv.
Get your CV ready… Normally, you need at least two types of CV.

  1. Generic CV
  2. Specilized CV.
    The generic CV gives insight to all that you have done while the specific CV shows your skill for a specific role.


Once you are prepared for success with great CV and well optimizes internet and social media presence, the next step is to establish connections with the right people.
There is a saying that goes “show me your friends and I will tell you who you are” that is also valid here.
How many industry experts do you have in your circle?
Well one will argue that they are not accessible but are you updated enough about the industry you are eyeing to get into?
Can you be proud of onethin that can make you unique if you are to be in presence of such expert today?
If you have a yes to the question, you will realise that they are very accessible.
Just make yourself useful enough to get their attention.

Make connections with the people who works in your desired companies specifically the exact role you want, and if possible, ask to shadow them.
Make connections with decision makers of your desired organisation and try to make yourself useful. Make connections with HRMs and expert Recruiters…Try to be visible and always be in the know.

If you have done all so far, then you are closer to getting employed.
Now, rhenlastbpart of the piece is that you need to make submission of your documents to as many organisations as possible but you also have learn how to be strategic. Dont just submit your cv for every role. Make sure you are submitting for the right roles.
Submit your specific CV for specific role.
Learn how to craft a cover later for every CV you are submitting.

Note that all these information shared will sure get you an interview opportunity but wont guarantee you a job hence you have to also prepare yourself for the interview session.

I know the journey is not straight and not even balanced but we cant stop at this point.
Keep pushing the green days are closer than you can imagine.

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