Many job seekers have the belief that they don’t have a job… But this is very wrong of them…

Not having a job is a job on it’s own (believe me).

The job tittle is called “unemployed” and the roles is simply to job hunt.

The better you are at it the faster you get a promotion to another role.

Getting employed is not as hard as it seem.

We just need to be more intentional about it.

Stop waking up in the morning feeling you don’t have a job or you dont have what to do…

Your daily task is to job hunt.

To know what to do on daily basis as a job seeker, answer the following questions…

  1. Do you know all the skills you posses and listed the Job roles you can to be employed in yet?
  2. Have you listed out the names of the possible organisation you may fit in yet?
  3. Is your CV upto date right now? If yes,
  4. Can your CV stand out if compared with others that are job hunting for the same role?
  5. Have you looked out for latest openings for the day?
  6. Have you carefully looked through the requirements and tweaked your cv for possible application submission?
  7. have you added all the requested documents properly and sent to the recruiter?
  8. Have you checked for updates on the past jobs you applied for?
  9. Have you tried to connect to decision makers in those organization.
  10. Have you established contacts and asked for feedbacks on your last interview?

All these are just a simple day to day routine for a Job seeker anywhere.

Now I guess you will agree with me that it is alot to achieve in this role especially when if come with little or no pay.

If you have finished doing this for the week you need to keep a proper record of how many applications you have submitted,  how many interviews you have been invited to, and how many interviews you have attended.

My point is simple Not having a job is a job on it’s own learn to do it well so you can change your own story.
Stop expecting Miracles or Magics when you are not actually lifting a finger.

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