On our platform, we have two different job vacancy categories.

  1. Jobs scouted and verified by NLJ field agents.

NLJ has her field agents spread all over the country and constantly give an update on the job opening in different organizations.

Such information is shared on all our platforms for interested candidates.

Although this type of opening is strictly available to NLJ members everyone will see it.

In the NLJ membership, we take our time to get all our job seekers prepared for any of their desired roles.

We start by reviewing their CVs and helping them with the cover letter.

We then go ahead to guide them on interview preparations and give them full access to over 70 premium Udemy courses.

  1. Jobs posted from 3rd parties.

We also get to see random job vacancies and share them on our platforms which we don’t verify.

The difference between the both is that:

  1. We verify our job openings
  2. We follow up till the job is secured.
  3. We make sure you are ready for the role.

Benefits of becoming a member of NLJ

  1. CV Preparation Masterclass: You actually don’t need anyone to write your CV for you. We will invite an experienced HRM to tell us exactly what we need on our CV.
  2. We will review all the prepared CVs by the participants, give feedbacks and collate them all together.
  3.  We will send all the Participant’s CV/data to 100 Organizations, Firms, and industries in Nigeria.
  4. Job Prospecting Masterclass: How to position yourself to get your desired Job via Social Media is something every job seeker needs and we will be bringing an expert to discuss this topic with us and show us practical ways to achieve this.
  5. Interview Preparation Masterclass: If you are invited for an interview there are some specific things you need to know and do before and during the interview. We will guide you on what to expect and do to get the job once you get an interview invite.
  6. Access to Premium Udemy Courses for FREE: We are giving access to over 50 premium Professional courses for different industries on Udemy for the next 6 months.

You can become a member of NLJ today for only NGN5,000.

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