The unemployment rate in Nigeria has been on the rise to the extent we can now comfortably peg it with the Naira to Dollar exchange rate or the petroleum product price in Nigeria.

Many people have given up on ever becoming fully employed in the country.

The problem has eaten deep to the extent many individuals are now paying different type of prices to get jobs.

Well, there are many questions left unanswered which is, is there a way to actually get a job legitimately in Nigeria in a very short period of time?

The simple answer is YES!

The truth is that despite all the challenges, many people are not just getting employed but are also frequently changing jobs.

In this article, I will be discussing 5 steps to getting employed in Nigeria.

  1. Decide on the Job you want
  2. Prepare your Cv tailored to the job
  3. Find organizations that needs this job role most
  4. Find decision makers of these organisations
  5. Show them what you can do by first helping

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1. Decide on the job you want

Many individuals in the job search stage have this common issue of not being specific on what they want.

We are known to always say any job at all is fine provided they are paying.

Although due to the pressure with many of us, this might sound like the only option bug if you want this hack to work, you first need to specific on the job you want. You need to be specific on the industry, the job role and the salary range you are looking to start with.

If you dont do this, this hack will not work because he power of focus will be defeated.

So have a deep thinking of the exact job role you want, the industry, and average pay you want.

To make it easier for you, write down all the qualifications you have, different skills you have and different organisations that employ most for such qualifications and skillset.

2. Prepare your Cv tailored to the job role

It is forbidden to have just one CV for all roles you want to apply for.

You will need to create a tailored CV for the job roles you anticipate to apply for.

On your CV, make sure to have the most important industry keywords spread around.

Try to be as modest as possible but dint forget to blow your trumpet when the need arise. Example, if you have achievements, dont forget to add them.

3. Find organizations that needs this job role most

Normally you would have some names on your head want to work with. Your mind is already on them and chances are you are right. That means you can start with them.

Aside that, go unto the internet, use search engines and social media ttols to discover industries, sectors and companies that demands for your skills and qualification most.

Dont forget to document them all the way.

4. Find decision makers of these organisations

Now this is where things gets interesting.

There are some people in an organizations that are tagged the influencers.

This can be people with the job roles of CEO, COO, Founder, Manager etc.

Although the focus is to get your CV to the right personel which is the HRM but hey this other guys are as well very important.

Find them and connect with them

Establish good communication with them, get their attention by getting yourself into their awareness zone.

This can be done via social media connections like LinkedIn or email.

It is best to start by sending them DM on social media platform you connected with them.

See, try not be a nuisance to them. be very helpful.

5. Show them what you can do by first helping

On successfully getting into an attention zone of the individual, offer them help.

It can be an advise on a topic they are interested in, it could be topics you have in depth knowledge about in the industry.

It could be just volunteering to help them with any task at all.

Once you have been given the opportunity to serve, dont hesitate to be as perfect as a professional.

There you have it… 5 proven Steps to getting employed within a month in Nigeria.

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