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You see?

Can you see?

Did you see how people with less skills, less qualification, people younger than you, doing normal things in abnormal ways yet still get paid?

People engaging in what they are passionate about and they are making money with it?

You sha see them?

Why is this happening


It’s the courage

The “Dare to do” mindset

Ability to risk it all

You dont necessarily need to be a Freelancer to have the “dare to do” mindset.

All you need is just the mindset.

Before you say it is too difficult to do first have a plan…

On your plan give room for possible failure…

Most importantly dont just stop at planning… learn how to execute and keep it consistent.

Success is closer than we all think…

My simple task for you is this…

Before you sleep tonight, write 5 skills you already have.
write all the qualifications you already have.

Write 5 industries these skills and qualifications are in high demand.

Watchout for the most frequently requested qualifications and skills on the industry job placements.

Check for the Pay range.

My friend, write it down…. dont be a lazy Nigerian Youth!

First, these will be your target as Job tittles.

Now Ask yourself the real question…

Are these my skills and qualifications competitive enough in the industry?

I mean do you have those frequently asked skills and qualifications already?

If your answer is “NO”, then you have a starting point.

First, you can Look for a smaller role as target starting point while you build and position for growth. or you can build your capacity and go for such roles.

If your answer is “YES” to that question, then you next question is do you have anything that can stand you out within the crowd if you are to submit your employer has your CV today?

Before you answer that question, just remember jot to be distracted for too long.

You will need at the end of this exercise, should be able to DECIDE the actual type of jobs you are searching for, where are they (like the type of organizations that needs hire for these roles more) what are the job descriptions, what the line management looks like, (who reports to that role and who the role reports to), and the average pay you are looking to start with.

In the next post, we will be discussing “THE COMMITMENT” how to use all that you have written down.

Before you leave, we are targeting to get 20 people gainfully employed within March 2021. Our aim is to get 100 CVs to 100 Organizations in Nigeria.
We have actually designed a road map to achieve this.
We invite you to join us in making this a reality.
Below is what we have designed:

1. CV Preparation Masterclass: You actually don’t need anyone to write your CV for you. We will invite an experienced HRM to tell us exactly what we need on our CV.

2. We will Review all the prepared CVs by the participants, give feedbacks and collate them all together.
3. We will send all the Participants CV/data to 100 Organizations, Firms, and industries in Nigeria.

4. Job Prospecting Masterclass: How to position yourself to get your desired Job via Social Media is something every job seeker needs and we will be bringing an expert to discuss this topic with us and show us practical ways to achieve this.
5. Interview Preparation Masterclass: If you are invited for an interview there are some specific things you need to know and do before and during the interview. We will guide you on what to expect and do to get the job once you get an interview invite.
6. Access to Premium Udemy Courses for FREE: We are giving access to over 50 premium Professional courses for different industries on Udemy for the next 6 months.

The actual price for all the above-listed offers is NGN150,000 but we have subsidized everything and tagged it NGN5,000.

To Participate, you can join us by making payment here or pay into the bank details below.

Name: Top Sale Solution
Account: 0105721535
Bank: Access

Are you interested but still wondering if we can really deliver on our offer???

You can have a taste of it by joining our WhatsApp group here.

Don’t forget to be the eagle, the Lion, and the King

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